Bill Pay

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Tired of the hassle & expense of mailing off checks to pay your bills? Perhaps you would like the added feature of our online banking known as bill pay. Simply set up the list of your payees, then schedule when & how much you would like to remit to them. Let our Bill Payment processor take care of the rest!



How does the Bill Payment processor get the funds to my payees?

If possible, payments will all be sent electronically through the ACH system, in those cases your account will be charged on the day your have chosen the bill be paid. However, in some cases, payees are not able to receive ACH payments, which prompts the bill payment processor to send a paper check through the mail. They estimate the time it will take for the check to reach your payee on the date you request, and then charge your account on that same date.

What if a check doesn’t reach the payee?

If a check does not reach your payee, you must call the Bill Payment processor at 1-855-366-7269. After verifying that the check has not cleared, they can reissue a new check. A refund will be made to your account here for the amount of the lost check and basically the process will be restarted. We cannot place a stop payment on the check here.


Bill Pay