Wire Transfers

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When it is necessary to transfer money within a day’s time, you may consider a money wire.  Due to the convenience of same day services, there are generally higher fees associated with this time of money transfer.   See the fee schedule section of this site to view our current wire fees.  

What information do I need to make a wire?

•    Name of the person receiving the funds
•    Their physical address
•    The routing number & name of the bank the funds will be sent to
•    Their account number at that bank

Wire Transfer  


We also have a reference area where we can supply a small amount of additional information such as invoice number if needed.  

What information will someone need to send me a wire?

Receiving Bank Name: Bank of North Dakota
1200 Memorial Hwy 
Bismarck ND 
Routing #: 091300285

Beneficiary Bank Name: Farmers & Merchants Bank of North Dakota

101 N Main-Tolna ND 58380 
Acct #10-11-844

Final Credit to: Your Name
Physical Address
Your account number at FMBND

What if I want to send an international wire?

International wires can be done, however additional fees are involved and supplementary information is needed.  Please call us at 1-877-262-4211 if you would like to send or receive international funds by wire.